Dottie Fashion: Hong Kong Fashion Week: Asia looks to the West

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hong Kong Fashion Week: Asia looks to the West


After the edition No. 45, 13 and 16 January, the Hong Kong Fashion Week, which included the space World Boutique, for designers and brands of medium-high level, with great success.

The sector of fashion dress of China was offset in efforts to attract the 45th edition of the Hong Kong Fashion Week most interesting exhibitors and international visitors.

The 45 ° Edition of the Hong Kong Fashion Week today its sales are concentrated in China and other countries in Southeast Asia. In confidence to consolidate market Western, especially European, which assume that it should provide a seal of final corporate respectability.

The 45th edition of the Hong Kong Fashion Week, added 1800 exhibitors, all of which are distributed in different areas, among which had three new dedicated to Activewear, Packagig/Desing and Wool/Cashmere. Having noteworthy, given the attention that made us the Small Order area, in which there were hundreds of display cases with products displayed and each possessed the indication of the manufacturer, features, price and minimum order that could be.

World Boutique had 300 exhibitors, of which exposed 4 from Spain; Massana, Punto Blanco, texOne and Factormoda. In addition to that in the inaugural parade participated Amaya Arzuaga with its collection spring-summer 2014. They also presented Calla Haynes of Canada, Masha Ma in Paris, Henry Lau, and Hong Kong's Moiselle, among many others.

Sales are in Asia, but the class, image, and future lie still is in Europe.

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