Dottie Fashion: How is the sale of the trade to the retail fashion clothing in 2014?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

How is the sale of the trade to the retail fashion clothing in 2014?

There are several studies of the "retail" (sale to the detail) trade of fashion dress, matching most in the necessary professionalization of trades and the personnel who are responsible for them. That, in turn, should lead to a purchase and sale enriching experience. Face Personalizandola to your customer, so that impact on their sales, profitability of business. The stimulation along with the vocational professionalism.

You have one idea clear to market you must go, that obviously exists, given that there is talk of trade to the retail fashion clothing, not the large firm that can create product. Trade to the retail fashion clothing also requires knowing how to counter, live with the potential competition from large areas, based on personalization, attention and imagination, always clear benefit to the customer and this thus feel it and interpret.

Very important and basic to take into account, among others, five aspects:

First.-know buy according to the needs and to know who purchases
Second.-If it is manufactured; know what product do, know to buy tissues and who purchases
Third.-knowledge of the profile of the clientele, interpret them, be attractive to the consumer, subtle linkages of interest to customers, business sense, sense of market.
Fourth.-adapt to the new commercial lines existing in social networks.
Fifth.-knowledge make a good economic balance! commercial and always have overview of all trade and financial movements, as well as good plans and general minimum forecast covering from a date three months back and three months forward, as well as their comparative in time with last season.

The formula of the sale, a very important point. The initial treatment, trust, warranty and the after-sales follow-up. Still important to the packaging, together with the foregoing, obviously the product.

Computer and Internet (social networks) new innovations should help us keep smart contact with our clients, always from the basis that the customer offered an interest.

The purchase of our products by our client should be, in addition to specify and interested, attractive, fun and satisfaction by the acquisition.

Trade will be carried out and created the work, on solid foundations, which arouses the interest of the client. Trade and the sellers have an obligation not to disappoint. Customer does not want to "vending machines", but attention, information and warranty on the product and is also ideal for him or her. Where they feel good.

Tradesman or manager should be informed of the existing tendencies of fashion dress and those who are close to your product line, across the broad market. In order to refine any decision to run.

The knowledge that you have about customer, is Basic for personalization, almost exclusivity, this is where the King or the Queen, so they should feel and displaying to the merchant as an essential to trusted advisor, not a server. This will help to improve business results, including the progressive Foundation of trade and the value of this for that reason.

These are summarized, the result of studies that have been made on how to tackle shops to retail fashion dress up to 2014.

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