Dottie Fashion: Dressing for the night of new year's Eve

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dressing for the night of new year's Eve

To the night of new year's Eve party


We are already immersed in the year end party and have to choose the clothes and accessories that we will get, and looking our best look, that is original, US style and that no one matches.

Not difficult, perhaps complicated, important thing is know to get the most out of yourself or yourselves, be a task that creates you doubt, you can always resort to that family to friendship that knows you more or specialists.

What matters is that combining the garment with the hairstyle, shoes and accessories if she is, but if it is, is also important here.

For her:

-Option - dresses adjusted long or short, also with wide short skirt, with different necklines, round, square, strapless, long or short sleeve belted, is one of the options, another can be dress petticoat, with suspenders. Option - the bolero, with a top of shoulder straps, waist high and tight pants, pants may also be to type schort, well adapted to hip, or wide. Option - the Bullfighter or jacket set with top and tight pants, short flared skirt or balloon skirt.
-A variety of fabrics and colors, from black, which is the most common, happening with green, red and blue, these being able to make combinations.
-Shoes with high heels, or very low-cut planes, both skin as before, as well as stockings, usually black and of them there with fantasy. It can also be a booty, high heel
-Hair may well be collected without or with braid, long and from a point completely smooth, wavy, very short and even a large permanent and you can also wear a hat that you go with the style that you finally choose

For him:

-Black pants, with narrow lapel suits, can be collar and lapel or type tuxedo, jacket not long, because then the most appropriate would be a Levite. Tight pants.
-Jacket, important garment can be smooth, stamped or pictures, and flap, narrow and smooth combining with the pants.
-You can wear a vest crossed or not, but the trouser fabric,
-You can combine the American with a Texan, narrow trousers, but not clear tonality, must be a dark indigo, evidently to wash, but not overly bleached, rather little.
-The best combination shoe is black, can be loot. Either of the American color suede shoe.

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