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Sunday, January 26, 2014

National fashion award

Creation of the national fashion award

The Ministry of industry, energy and tourism recently announced the creation of the national award for fashion. The award will have five categories, in order to recognize the prestige of this sector, according to the official Spanish Gazette (BOE)

The awards will have no economic compensation, it is not the purpose, this lies in stimulating and give greater prestige to the fashion industry.

Quality and excellence, over the merits of personal creativity, ability to adapt to the market and innovation, will be values which will fall awards.

The categories will be: national award for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in the industry of fashion Award for the great company of the industry of the Sector fashion, the undertaking of the sector of the fashion industry, will also be awarded. Fashion designer Award and ultimately Award National Academy and culture communication of the fashion industry professionals.

The prizes will be added to the national prize for design and fashion, created by the Ministry of education and culture, created in 2007.

They are important stimuli, the fashion industry, it is important in Spain, giving rise to a lot of employment, as levels are involved at the same time until the product is placed on the shelves or bars.

Sadly for our country, the productions are performed in countries where labor is cheaper, which has impacted very negatively, resulting in the closure of many chains of production. It is in the selection, the difference, the high quality, ultimately value added is where it can enrich the sector within the country. Being important to strengthen this industry in its natural and traditional places, policies of wanting to enter the fashion industry in other places have not have been the successful who had planned and at the same time has weakened the natural place.

Pierre Cardín, presented his new collection in Paris Maxim completo

Pierre Cardín (San Biagio di Callalta, region of Veneto, Italy-2-7-1922), the great fashion designer, has presented a new collection. Presented it in Maxim completo de Paris, one of the most famous restaurants in Paris (Maxim's founded on 7-4-1893, in 1981 passed into the hands of Pierre Cardín).

An exquisite new collection where has been fashionable for men and dresses of gala and cocktail for women. Pierre Cardin some years ago that it was not bridges within the calendar official, this time did so to present their creations in Maxim completo de Paris, located in the rue Royale from the capital of France.

A parade that has caused great satisfaction, that elegant Tuxedo suits and sophisticated and elegant gala & cocktail dresses have been. It must be borne in mind that the runways will not officially start until next January.

Dressing for the night of new year's Eve

To the night of new year's Eve party


We are already immersed in the year end party and have to choose the clothes and accessories that we will get, and looking our best look, that is original, US style and that no one matches.

Not difficult, perhaps complicated, important thing is know to get the most out of yourself or yourselves, be a task that creates you doubt, you can always resort to that family to friendship that knows you more or specialists.

What matters is that combining the garment with the hairstyle, shoes and accessories if she is, but if it is, is also important here.

For her:

-Option - dresses adjusted long or short, also with wide short skirt, with different necklines, round, square, strapless, long or short sleeve belted, is one of the options, another can be dress petticoat, with suspenders. Option - the bolero, with a top of shoulder straps, waist high and tight pants, pants may also be to type schort, well adapted to hip, or wide. Option - the Bullfighter or jacket set with top and tight pants, short flared skirt or balloon skirt.
-A variety of fabrics and colors, from black, which is the most common, happening with green, red and blue, these being able to make combinations.
-Shoes with high heels, or very low-cut planes, both skin as before, as well as stockings, usually black and of them there with fantasy. It can also be a booty, high heel
-Hair may well be collected without or with braid, long and from a point completely smooth, wavy, very short and even a large permanent and you can also wear a hat that you go with the style that you finally choose

For him:

-Black pants, with narrow lapel suits, can be collar and lapel or type tuxedo, jacket not long, because then the most appropriate would be a Levite. Tight pants.
-Jacket, important garment can be smooth, stamped or pictures, and flap, narrow and smooth combining with the pants.
-You can wear a vest crossed or not, but the trouser fabric,
-You can combine the American with a Texan, narrow trousers, but not clear tonality, must be a dark indigo, evidently to wash, but not overly bleached, rather little.
-The best combination shoe is black, can be loot. Either of the American color suede shoe.

Hackett London, the prestigious firm, increased billing

Hackett London, was founded in London in 1979, designs and sells clothing dress man. The company has numerous branches by the major countries.

Its turnover has increased 9.70% turnover, from 133 million exercise last year to 146 billion at the end of the fiscal year, which was made last March.

Hackett London continues its expansion with the opening of new branches project in Middle East, India, China, South America and EU.

In Spain, Hackett London firm has just opened its flagship in Barcelona, with a local 320 square meters distributed on two floors situated in the Paseo de Gracia, the prestigious paseo de the Catalan capital this week. Having expected in the third quarter of 2014 opened a flagship store in New York, in addition to important agreements with leading and large stores of us as Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's or Macy's, for the establishment of corners.

Opened the first store of the goose in Mexico, DF.

As you reported in your day from this blog, the goose already to open the first store in Mexico City, and expected to open 20 stores more, over the next four years.

The shop is located in the Antara commercial centre, national army; corner with Moliere 843-B, Granada.

The establishment has a space of 180 square meters, which are collections of man, woman, child, footwear and accessories.

Acturus Capital, owner of 100% of the Ensign, has been in Mexico along with the Group of Javier Sordo Madaleno the society Acturus Mexico. The company, owned by each partner to 50%, will be the vehicle for the development of the company in the Mexican market. The Sordo Madaleno group owns many of the most exclusive shopping malls in the country.

Goose, who has managed to position itself in the market as one of the most consistent and renowned in the Spanish fashion industry, currently has more than 50 stores in Spain and abroad, in addition to being present in more than 15 corners in El Corte Inglés (two of them in Portugal).

The firm, which is still committed to its presence in the international markets, has opened in recent months the new 'boutique' in London, the second of the company on British soil. In addition, have opened new stores in Porto and Paris.

How is the sale of the trade to the retail fashion clothing in 2014?

There are several studies of the "retail" (sale to the detail) trade of fashion dress, matching most in the necessary professionalization of trades and the personnel who are responsible for them. That, in turn, should lead to a purchase and sale enriching experience. Face Personalizandola to your customer, so that impact on their sales, profitability of business. The stimulation along with the vocational professionalism.

You have one idea clear to market you must go, that obviously exists, given that there is talk of trade to the retail fashion clothing, not the large firm that can create product. Trade to the retail fashion clothing also requires knowing how to counter, live with the potential competition from large areas, based on personalization, attention and imagination, always clear benefit to the customer and this thus feel it and interpret.

Very important and basic to take into account, among others, five aspects:

First.-know buy according to the needs and to know who purchases
Second.-If it is manufactured; know what product do, know to buy tissues and who purchases
Third.-knowledge of the profile of the clientele, interpret them, be attractive to the consumer, subtle linkages of interest to customers, business sense, sense of market.
Fourth.-adapt to the new commercial lines existing in social networks.
Fifth.-knowledge make a good economic balance! commercial and always have overview of all trade and financial movements, as well as good plans and general minimum forecast covering from a date three months back and three months forward, as well as their comparative in time with last season.

The formula of the sale, a very important point. The initial treatment, trust, warranty and the after-sales follow-up. Still important to the packaging, together with the foregoing, obviously the product.

Computer and Internet (social networks) new innovations should help us keep smart contact with our clients, always from the basis that the customer offered an interest.

The purchase of our products by our client should be, in addition to specify and interested, attractive, fun and satisfaction by the acquisition.

Trade will be carried out and created the work, on solid foundations, which arouses the interest of the client. Trade and the sellers have an obligation not to disappoint. Customer does not want to "vending machines", but attention, information and warranty on the product and is also ideal for him or her. Where they feel good.

Tradesman or manager should be informed of the existing tendencies of fashion dress and those who are close to your product line, across the broad market. In order to refine any decision to run.

The knowledge that you have about customer, is Basic for personalization, almost exclusivity, this is where the King or the Queen, so they should feel and displaying to the merchant as an essential to trusted advisor, not a server. This will help to improve business results, including the progressive Foundation of trade and the value of this for that reason.

These are summarized, the result of studies that have been made on how to tackle shops to retail fashion dress up to 2014.

Pilar Batanero, children's fashion brand, opened its first store in Mexico

The Spanish brand of fashionable child Pilar Batanero, opens its first store in Mexico.

The prestigious firm of Moda infantil, Pilar Batanero, has opened its first Boutique franchise in Mérida (Mexico), in the commercial Center Plaza Solare (San Antonio Cucul-Yucatan)

Pilar Batanero Seville-based firm, founded in 1997, occupies a prominent place in children's fashion aimed at a market of children aged 0 to 14. All this with an originality in their designs, quality fabrics and a very careful preparation, production that occurs entirely in Spain. Adding a modern distribution process.

Pilar Batanero, is immersed in a process of trade expansion, with the creation of points of sales and international. Nationwide stores Pilar Batanero, are in the main cities, in Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Malaga, Valencia, among others. In the international field, has the signature Pilar Batanero distributors in Britain, Belgium, Portugal, among many others.

Pilar Batanero also has online sales department, serving orders to Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Denmark.

Edition 13 of the 080 Barcelona Fashion, opens onto the market of Russia.

Of Russia fifteen companies moving to Catalonia on January 30 and coinciding with the issue number 13 of the 080 Barcelona Fashion, which will be held in the Catalan capital, Barcelona Cultural Central Born between 27 and 31 January. The reason for enterprises Russian is in trade mission to keep contacts with several companies of fashion dress interested in selling products to Russia.

They will be 30 companies from the world of fashion dress that will parade in the 080 Barcelona Fashion, with an international character. Parades of great quality with a 156-metre-long footbridge and which guys about thirty designers and brands of front line, to quote: Custo, Desigual, Mango, TCN, Mirian Ponsa, Lebor Gabala, Celia Vela, Isabel Toledo among many others. Just a fact, Isabel Toledo was the designer of the dress that Michelle Obama wore at the inauguration of her husband, Barack Obama as the forty-fourth President of the United States

Shall be 34 parades, presenting collections for the autumn-winter 2014-2015, two more than in the past July, having to highlight the return of Sita Murt, after a stage parading in the Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week returns to Barcelona.

Very interesting will be the Open Area, which give shelter to ephemeral stores, an interesting class to design students, at the same time a new talent competition organized by Rock Village.

Edition 13 of the 080 Barcelona Fashion, will return to celebrate the second edition of Congress Barcelona Fashion Summit, a professional meeting and center of debate of executives in the sector of the fashion of the Vestit, which will take place in the Llotja de Mar on January 29 only for professionals.

080 Barcelona Fashion will have a space open to the public in general, with some 50 ephemeral stores dedicated to fashion apparel, footwear and accessories.

Hong Kong Fashion Week: Asia looks to the West


After the edition No. 45, 13 and 16 January, the Hong Kong Fashion Week, which included the space World Boutique, for designers and brands of medium-high level, with great success.

The sector of fashion dress of China was offset in efforts to attract the 45th edition of the Hong Kong Fashion Week most interesting exhibitors and international visitors.

The 45 ° Edition of the Hong Kong Fashion Week today its sales are concentrated in China and other countries in Southeast Asia. In confidence to consolidate market Western, especially European, which assume that it should provide a seal of final corporate respectability.

The 45th edition of the Hong Kong Fashion Week, added 1800 exhibitors, all of which are distributed in different areas, among which had three new dedicated to Activewear, Packagig/Desing and Wool/Cashmere. Having noteworthy, given the attention that made us the Small Order area, in which there were hundreds of display cases with products displayed and each possessed the indication of the manufacturer, features, price and minimum order that could be.

World Boutique had 300 exhibitors, of which exposed 4 from Spain; Massana, Punto Blanco, texOne and Factormoda. In addition to that in the inaugural parade participated Amaya Arzuaga with its collection spring-summer 2014. They also presented Calla Haynes of Canada, Masha Ma in Paris, Henry Lau, and Hong Kong's Moiselle, among many others.

Sales are in Asia, but the class, image, and future lie still is in Europe.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Missnobody or Anna Ponsa has me mesmerized

I met Anna in our age of Absolut Mode Society-a nice project I collaborated several bloggers telling our vision of the world of fashion, and since then I am hipnitizada with missnobody. The other day I found these pictures of his house in hypeyou and I realized that I had not submitted.

Missnobody I like having a very personalized, note that his training as an architect, which has lost almost essentially from the beginning of blogging, when we all did not know everything we could win-and that she, as a person , so cool because it is love.

Enjoy with a nice blog dear!With you all missnobody!