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Sunday, January 26, 2014

National fashion award

Creation of the national fashion award

The Ministry of industry, energy and tourism recently announced the creation of the national award for fashion. The award will have five categories, in order to recognize the prestige of this sector, according to the official Spanish Gazette (BOE)

The awards will have no economic compensation, it is not the purpose, this lies in stimulating and give greater prestige to the fashion industry.

Quality and excellence, over the merits of personal creativity, ability to adapt to the market and innovation, will be values which will fall awards.

The categories will be: national award for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in the industry of fashion Award for the great company of the industry of the Sector fashion, the undertaking of the sector of the fashion industry, will also be awarded. Fashion designer Award and ultimately Award National Academy and culture communication of the fashion industry professionals.

The prizes will be added to the national prize for design and fashion, created by the Ministry of education and culture, created in 2007.

They are important stimuli, the fashion industry, it is important in Spain, giving rise to a lot of employment, as levels are involved at the same time until the product is placed on the shelves or bars.

Sadly for our country, the productions are performed in countries where labor is cheaper, which has impacted very negatively, resulting in the closure of many chains of production. It is in the selection, the difference, the high quality, ultimately value added is where it can enrich the sector within the country. Being important to strengthen this industry in its natural and traditional places, policies of wanting to enter the fashion industry in other places have not have been the successful who had planned and at the same time has weakened the natural place.

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