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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Missnobody or Anna Ponsa has me mesmerized

I met Anna in our age of Absolut Mode Society-a nice project I collaborated several bloggers telling our vision of the world of fashion, and since then I am hipnitizada with missnobody. The other day I found these pictures of his house in hypeyou and I realized that I had not submitted.

Missnobody I like having a very personalized, note that his training as an architect, which has lost almost essentially from the beginning of blogging, when we all did not know everything we could win-and that she, as a person , so cool because it is love.

Enjoy with a nice blog dear!With you all missnobody!

Vegan vs Vegetarian

This is an explanatory post though because I always think that everyone knows the difference between vegetarian and vegan is not always so. It's simple and it seems to me that there is little mystery but ...

Vegetarians do not eat food from animals that have had to die to be extracted , but consume animal products such as eggs, milk and honey. ( More details here )

Vegans do not eat any food from animals (best explained here )

If you have clicked on the links you will realize that this distinction is quite simple and that there are degrees in our food choices . As I have said several times to me, and to most people I know who you are , is a moral action. One option that you can take at any age :

I think it may be one of the dumbest post you have written Doublecloth but felt that too many people ask me about the distinction when I explain that I am not vegan (because as eggs and milk). I know, Vegan Lady invites confusion , but it sounds better, and I explained that he was born in a nice way that I had my roommate call me.

Cabbage salad or coleslaw me so

Today I bring you a recipe for coleslaw or coleslawFinally! It took but start to show you some of the recipes I cook every week . I love to cook, but do not usually have much time to devote so this type of recipes that you can leave and miss last several days in the fridge are my favorite .

As usual I got from Internet (blessed pinterest ) and , as I usually do , I've changed until you find something that is closer to my tastes . The American coleslaw brings fresh cream and a few more things but I this to buy a boat and use some fresh cream not knowing when I'll have more time to cook did not attract me much .

Cabbage salad or coleslaw

Small -Col (stems )
- A carrot (also serves as the next boat grated )
- An apple
-Media tablespoon sugar
- Half lemon
- A pinch of mustard
- Mayonnaise
- Salt and pepper

1. Remove the hard and green parts of cabbage ( the heart and the outer leaves )
Two . Grate the cabbage, carrot and apple finely . Some people have mandolin and congratulate him on this but I use the knife. Incidentally, there is also one adds onions and raisins, this is a choice.
Two . In a glass half lemon squeezed , dissolves the sugar and mix with mustard and mayonnaise. Taste the sauce and correct with salt and pepper
Three . Pour the sauce into the vegetables. You have to give a lot of thought and make it blend well , do not be afraid to throw salsa because it has to be empepado .
April . To the fridge ! You can eat anything else done but at least it takes three hours to cool this rich

The recipe cool because:

No great difficulty
Lasts several days in the recipe ( if you have only throwing water to remove it )
Shall take fully raw vegetables that nutritionists say it's the best way to take
I researched a bit and if you are vegan , you can change mayonnaise soy yogurt

Mango to large sizes and other developments are pointing curvys

In a few days I go to Berlin a week after the holidays arrive , and as I know and this is the time for more work , I'll give clinched the year with two post . One today and another tomorrow .

The far today 'm Curvy , with some good things that have happened :

- Handle points to large sizes and can not make me more excited , I know I'm a turkey by excited by something but I know that many women can find clothes in her size in a store that cares about the trends I get to heart. You can take cognizance of everything here .

- We've been on CNN Mexico , in a beautiful story where they talk about how we face our reality. I have to admit that makes me especially excited that this caliber means worry for us. I am sorry that the fashion press has not yet understood why we do what we do and we try a bit like " happy gorditas " , but I guess it will come.

Continuous- out on the blog , thanks to this video maker apañao we have sought - and each time I feel more comfortable in front of the camera. I still think I can not give lessons to anyone but I like the idea of doing something valuable for others. Not out but by daring to do and banish old prejudices .

- We continue talking about the most varied and surprising things continued so much that I have in common with the readers . We often tend to neglect our thoughts thinking that something we only care about us, I 'm Curvy with I have realized it is not so and that, I think, can help many people.

- That we are almost 1700 Facebook page (considering his youth is not bad ) and we have many surprises in store .

Well this is pretty much all that if you want to talk about diversity, beautiful women and how to be more happy not forget to give a tour of the blog, I hope that with a cup of hot chocolate cronuts (I know , I know )

Until tomorrow , dear .

Billion through 2013

This has been a difficult year , as they are all full of good and bad . Full of new experiences and a lot of old habits - some I think banish , by the way . A 2013 full of beautiful people, yes , I think this has been the highlight of my life journey .

I have to thank for many things this 2013: for the jumps ( not as a vacuum as I needed but forward) , by changes (the most notable becoming vegetarian ) , by challenges and new projects (for I 'm Curvy and new stage , of course ) , for reconnect with old passions I had forgotten ( for all hours of craft clubs and pretty - girls - thank you ) and all those who have become imperative.

It has been a year of ordering priorities , learn a little bit more of who I am - the truth , not what others want to be - and grow.

2013 Thanks for the moments , people , experiences and learning. Do me a favor and chívale 2014 where you should walk to continue on this great path , I have some requests for him but as we leave knowing they are 'll know , I promise.

* No I did purposes and to meet the 29 remember?

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tips for Choosing the plainclothes

When we talk about marriage, we quickly imagine the typical white wedding dress with veil and petticoat, but we forget that before going through the religious ceremony must go through the civil wedding.

It is very common not know what dress to wear to go to civil, for this reason we want to share with you some tips that will result very useful when choosing your dress.

The first thing to keep in mind to choose the dress is the looks you want to take, this can romantic, casual, classic or elegant. Remember that the civil ceremony takes place day and probably in the morning. Therefore it is recommended that you choose an evening dress, beware of the dark colors and heavy fabrics can make you feel uncomfortable during the day.

Civil weddings over the garments are completely free, if you like short dresses do not just use them, because as non-religious ceremony has no dress standards.

Be sure to choose the dress you most identify, if necessary hire a dressmaker to design the model for you and add the details that you like.