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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Billion through 2013

This has been a difficult year , as they are all full of good and bad . Full of new experiences and a lot of old habits - some I think banish , by the way . A 2013 full of beautiful people, yes , I think this has been the highlight of my life journey .

I have to thank for many things this 2013: for the jumps ( not as a vacuum as I needed but forward) , by changes (the most notable becoming vegetarian ) , by challenges and new projects (for I 'm Curvy and new stage , of course ) , for reconnect with old passions I had forgotten ( for all hours of craft clubs and pretty - girls - thank you ) and all those who have become imperative.

It has been a year of ordering priorities , learn a little bit more of who I am - the truth , not what others want to be - and grow.

2013 Thanks for the moments , people , experiences and learning. Do me a favor and chívale 2014 where you should walk to continue on this great path , I have some requests for him but as we leave knowing they are 'll know , I promise.

* No I did purposes and to meet the 29 remember?

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