Dottie Fashion: Mango to large sizes and other developments are pointing curvys

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mango to large sizes and other developments are pointing curvys

In a few days I go to Berlin a week after the holidays arrive , and as I know and this is the time for more work , I'll give clinched the year with two post . One today and another tomorrow .

The far today 'm Curvy , with some good things that have happened :

- Handle points to large sizes and can not make me more excited , I know I'm a turkey by excited by something but I know that many women can find clothes in her size in a store that cares about the trends I get to heart. You can take cognizance of everything here .

- We've been on CNN Mexico , in a beautiful story where they talk about how we face our reality. I have to admit that makes me especially excited that this caliber means worry for us. I am sorry that the fashion press has not yet understood why we do what we do and we try a bit like " happy gorditas " , but I guess it will come.

Continuous- out on the blog , thanks to this video maker apaƱao we have sought - and each time I feel more comfortable in front of the camera. I still think I can not give lessons to anyone but I like the idea of doing something valuable for others. Not out but by daring to do and banish old prejudices .

- We continue talking about the most varied and surprising things continued so much that I have in common with the readers . We often tend to neglect our thoughts thinking that something we only care about us, I 'm Curvy with I have realized it is not so and that, I think, can help many people.

- That we are almost 1700 Facebook page (considering his youth is not bad ) and we have many surprises in store .

Well this is pretty much all that if you want to talk about diversity, beautiful women and how to be more happy not forget to give a tour of the blog, I hope that with a cup of hot chocolate cronuts (I know , I know )

Until tomorrow , dear .

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