Dottie Fashion: Cabbage salad or coleslaw me so

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cabbage salad or coleslaw me so

Today I bring you a recipe for coleslaw or coleslawFinally! It took but start to show you some of the recipes I cook every week . I love to cook, but do not usually have much time to devote so this type of recipes that you can leave and miss last several days in the fridge are my favorite .

As usual I got from Internet (blessed pinterest ) and , as I usually do , I've changed until you find something that is closer to my tastes . The American coleslaw brings fresh cream and a few more things but I this to buy a boat and use some fresh cream not knowing when I'll have more time to cook did not attract me much .

Cabbage salad or coleslaw

Small -Col (stems )
- A carrot (also serves as the next boat grated )
- An apple
-Media tablespoon sugar
- Half lemon
- A pinch of mustard
- Mayonnaise
- Salt and pepper

1. Remove the hard and green parts of cabbage ( the heart and the outer leaves )
Two . Grate the cabbage, carrot and apple finely . Some people have mandolin and congratulate him on this but I use the knife. Incidentally, there is also one adds onions and raisins, this is a choice.
Two . In a glass half lemon squeezed , dissolves the sugar and mix with mustard and mayonnaise. Taste the sauce and correct with salt and pepper
Three . Pour the sauce into the vegetables. You have to give a lot of thought and make it blend well , do not be afraid to throw salsa because it has to be empepado .
April . To the fridge ! You can eat anything else done but at least it takes three hours to cool this rich

The recipe cool because:

No great difficulty
Lasts several days in the recipe ( if you have only throwing water to remove it )
Shall take fully raw vegetables that nutritionists say it's the best way to take
I researched a bit and if you are vegan , you can change mayonnaise soy yogurt

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