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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vegan vs Vegetarian

This is an explanatory post though because I always think that everyone knows the difference between vegetarian and vegan is not always so. It's simple and it seems to me that there is little mystery but ...

Vegetarians do not eat food from animals that have had to die to be extracted , but consume animal products such as eggs, milk and honey. ( More details here )

Vegans do not eat any food from animals (best explained here )

If you have clicked on the links you will realize that this distinction is quite simple and that there are degrees in our food choices . As I have said several times to me, and to most people I know who you are , is a moral action. One option that you can take at any age :

I think it may be one of the dumbest post you have written Doublecloth but felt that too many people ask me about the distinction when I explain that I am not vegan (because as eggs and milk). I know, Vegan Lady invites confusion , but it sounds better, and I explained that he was born in a nice way that I had my roommate call me.

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